27 September, 2005

Elstree and Borehamwood

The sort of place where you expect film stars to be in the local Mcd's but when I called in there were only people who looked as if they might want to be film stars when they grow up or were film stars when they were younger. Elstree makes a little film history go a long way (literally) and have a studio trail. Two and a half hours of looking at where the studios were and a mound and poplar trees where Ivanhoe's castle set was built behind Tesco. Admittedly the BBC has a place there and the Gate Studios near the station can still be seen (and are still used for making cinema screens etc.) but they are the only bits of history. Some plaques recall famous British film stars of long ago...

Otherwise a rather dreary suburban dormitory.

15 September, 2005


A little island off the coast of Normandy. Quite a lot British but just a little bit French too. The mild climate, well maintained houses and new cars give the island a prosperous, sunny look and the ruettes tranquilles are great places for a country stroll. Cars have to give way to pedestrians on these quiet roads!

There are some grim reminders of the wartime occupation, but all in all a pleasant clean and friendly place to go.

Thanks to Paul for a glorious stay.

Here is a guernsey blue post box.

Guernsey post box Posted by Picasa


My holidays were spent between Southampton and Guernsey this year- many thanks to Jon and Ray for a happy stay. I went to college in Southampton and it has not changed much since then. Still very much the same as ever. Very relaxing though.
The picture shows the Bargate