27 February, 2008

Woolwich and Deptford

A visit to Woolwich to get some fresh air whilst suffering from a bad cold. Woolwich is the grotty part of Greenwich Borough with lots of run down shopping and public services. I couldn't visit the inside of the church but the outside, set on a hill well above the river looked good. Probably eighteenth century. The Royal Arsenal, that gave the Woolwich Coöp its name and named a football tean that moved to Highbury, declined in the 1960s and left a void in the town. The site is in the process of redevelopment and houses 'Firepower!' the Royal Artilery Museum and the Greenwich Heritage centre. This was well worth a visit.
Deptford is a grotty but historic part of SE London, again declining due to the closure of the Royal Navy Victualling Yard.

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23 February, 2008

Crystal Palace Park

A visit to the Crystal Palace to see the model dinosaurs, installed in the nineteenth century as part of the people's park. There is little left of the original parts of the park, which is more of an open space. The park originally contained models of commonwealth parliament buildings and various other things of which the dinosaurs and the paleontology wall are the only things left. There is a maze and a modern bandstand.

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03 February, 2008


A visit to Brighton as a change of scene. A relaxing break spent walking on the pier and socialising with friends. Although February is not really a time for the seaside the weather was kind. The pictures show the cow's corner snack bar in Kemptown and Royal Crescent with its 'mathematical' tile front.