29 June, 2009

Norfolk and Norwich.

Great Yarmouth to be precise - a run into the deep wilds of Norfolk's seaside. At Great Yarmouth there is a pirate themed mini golf course, with elaborate pirate ships, treasure caves and facts about pirates to help you along the 18 holes. It's rather jolly although I was about 18 over par.

Coming back to Norwich I watched Treasure Island in my hotel.

On the way back we visited Waxham great barn, a great big very old barn by the sea at Waxham.

The next day had a walk along Norwich's river, the Wensum, to Pull's Ferry

then afterwards to the Castle Museum which is pretty good with artefacts from Norwich and a very fine art collection.

21 June, 2009

Long Live Henry our King 21/06/1509

A visit by carriage to Teddington Lock to see our king sail down the Thames after his coronation to his new palace at Hampton Court. Gadzooks the King looked athletic- we have a fine igure of a king this time!
No pictures 'cos photography hasn't been invented yet.

14 June, 2009


A day trip to beaconsfield to see what it was like.

Unfortunately there was a wedding in the main church so I couldn't see in there but I could see the outside!
From places of worship

Beaconsfield is a crossroads village but moved somewhat towards the station with the new town being north of the station including the model village of Bekonscot. Built in the 1930s it has raised a lot of money for the Church Army and other charities. Not cheap to get in though...