29 July, 2005

High Wycombe

Visited High Wycombe today, a busy market town in the Chilterns with lots of flint cottages, a large medieval church (although rather plain) and two market crosses. The town is and has been home to the chair making industry and the local history museum with friendly staff contains many examples of the work done in High Wycombe.

The high street was filled with charity muggers. Why do these dreadful people speak to you like a long lost friend? I wouldn't choose any of them for my friends!

On the way back I visited Moor Park Golf Course and had a drink in a nearby pub. I did not realise there were strippers on and nearly had an argument with the stripper collecting the money. I was not going to pay as I was not staying for the show!- And I didn't!

The picture shows a sculpture in the grounds of the museum.

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quin said...

Strippers! In Moor Park? But it seemed such a genteel area!

I'll add you to my blogroll when I have a moment.