14 November, 2005

A housewarming party in Brighton- appropriate for a cold day!

A visit to Brighton this weekend to warm Mike and Ken's super new flat in the Kemp town area of Bighton. Many thanks to Mike and Ken for inviting me to a really great party. This is not an area I know well but the flat is near the Chichester Diocese Teacher training College (I don't know if this is 'former' or not) and a welcome store.

The flat was comfortable light and well designed with a compact and attractive garden which I bet will be a gorgeous sun-trap in the summer. (hope I don't sound like an estate Agent!) Mike is already itching to start a bit of gardening and jokes about a hot-tub! I think it's a joke.

It did seem a long way from the station but that was probably because I didn't know where I was going and got lost on the way. Going back seemed a lot shorter.

There were some very nice people at the party which kept going until about 10. Some lovely food (thanks Aref and Steve) and great company.

I stayed with (other) friends (Thanks Mike and Tony). As the weather was so cold Mike put the gas fire on which made the house so warm and cosy I didn't want to leave!

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