14 November, 2005

A housewarming party in Brighton- appropriate for a cold day!

A visit to Brighton this weekend to warm Mike and Ken's super new flat in the Kemp town area of Bighton. Many thanks to Mike and Ken for inviting me to a really great party. This is not an area I know well but the flat is near the Chichester Diocese Teacher training College (I don't know if this is 'former' or not) and a welcome store.

The flat was comfortable light and well designed with a compact and attractive garden which I bet will be a gorgeous sun-trap in the summer. (hope I don't sound like an estate Agent!) Mike is already itching to start a bit of gardening and jokes about a hot-tub! I think it's a joke.

It did seem a long way from the station but that was probably because I didn't know where I was going and got lost on the way. Going back seemed a lot shorter.

There were some very nice people at the party which kept going until about 10. Some lovely food (thanks Aref and Steve) and great company.

I stayed with (other) friends (Thanks Mike and Tony). As the weather was so cold Mike put the gas fire on which made the house so warm and cosy I didn't want to leave!

05 November, 2005

A people's celebration, a thanksgiving, a display of allegiance

Yes, it's bonfire night! A time when the people in Great Britain celebrate the deliverance of the King from a plot to blow him and parliament up (and the inevitable uprising that would have followed), give thanks for the foiling of the plot and display their allegiance to the constitutional monarchy.

A people's celebration because many people buy their own fireworks and burn them themselves rather than go to displays as the killjoys want, all in the name of safety. Obviously idiots cannot be trusted with fireworks, but can they be trusted with anything. People can go to displays but why can't they do both?