05 February, 2006

Fryent country park near Wembley

As Sunday was a nice day I decided to take the camera to Fryent Country Park between Kingsbury and Wembley in Middlesex. This park was like a walk through open fields with a wood in the middle and and old Saxon way called Ele Strete going through.

I started off in Roe Green Park in Kingsbury and took a pic of Kingsbury Manor, once owned by the MP for Islington. It is now a mental health resource centre for asians, but pretty none the less.

There were some good photo opps though the day may be too hazy for them to come out well. One was of a triangulation pillar at Barn Hill with the new Wembley Arch above it like a rainbow- we'll see how this comes out. The Ele Strete was like a woodland path with some woodland glade pictures available, also a very peaceful looking fox lying in the grass. It took me a good 30 seconds to realise it was dead, but took a picture of it anyway as it looked like it was only sleeping. And here it is!

Barn Hill was a slightly more formal park with trimmed lawns.

On the way home the Jubilee line was out of action so a 45 minute journey took over two hours. Very poor.

The photos show a capital ring signpost at Barn Hill pond and an arty one of my shadow to prove I was there.

Actually the Capital Ring and the London Loop might be a project for the spring and summer ahead. If I can get hold of the directions. Brent Council have been very helpful so far- many thanks to the Brent Parks Dept!

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