06 March, 2006

Chatham and Rochester

Arthur Mee says that Chatham has little that’s lovely and I’m inclined to agree. I was there for an East Kent store visit. St Mary’s Island was quite attractive where the first store was. A lot of effort has been put into cleaning up the former Naval Dockyard and there are some good developments. The rest of Chatham is still grotty although it was a good visit. At one store we visited the derelict hall above. Although my photos were poor some, did come out, including the old Coöperative Women’s Guild noticeboard and the photo of the lady who had had her wedding reception in the hall some forty years ago.

We also visited two other small places around East Kent.

A very enjoyable day out with fine weather followed by a drink in a Rochester pub. No chance to walk round the towns alas!

The picture is an old one of Rochester Cathedral

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