03 April, 2006

Wimbledon Park to Richmond now with a picture

This is the longest walk in the whole circuit and it did feel like it. I suppose I should be aware of April showers but that still does not make sheltering under trees in driving rain any more pleasant. But there were some points of interest on the walk and overall it was enjoyable.

I started out at Wimbledon Park station and walked to the park form there. The park is bordered by the railway (not so many trains this time) and is extensive with a golf course and athletic stadium as well as a large lake. The wind was whipping this lake into waves which lapped across the path. It looked pretty full as hosepipe bans are introduced across the South East. This part of Wimbledon is rather posh with some big houses that all look rather pleasant. After walking up to Wimbledon Common through these streets I came to the Wimbledon Windmill which is a museum of windmills in general. The voluntary staff were very pleasant and helpful and interested in my walk round London. We had quite a conversation and I would recommend a visit to this mill.

After spending a good half hour in there unfortunately the rain started. I had to press on and walked across the common dodging the golf balls. There is a peace memorial to the people living near the common who have died. Unfortunately all the letters of the names have been stolen. In my opinion the conservators of the common should have these replaced.

The next part of the walk led almost directly into Richmond Royal Park at the Robin Hood Gate. Here again the rain came down but there was a tree to shelter under. On by Spanker's Hill Woods (what goes on in there I wonder?) and by pen ponds, then through another woodland trying out my rolleisoft filtre.

The heavens opened again through petersham meadows and I could not appreciate the views of Richmond.

Richmond in Surrey is named after Richmond in North Yorkshire. It is not the other way round.

The Surrey Richmond (like the Yorkshire Richmond) is very attractive and well worth a visit.

Unfortunately the tube was not running due to engineering work and bus connections are not very good to East London.

the picture shows a signpost in Richmond park

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