07 April, 2007

The ford on the Chelmer

I visited Chelmsford from Harlow with Mark, travelling by bus via Old Harlow and some little villages in the Essex countryside. Chelmsford is the County Town of Essex and has the Essex County Hall and a cathedral. The diocese had its first bishop in 1914, therefore the cathedral is a former parish church rather than an ancient foundation like St Paul's or Durham. Even though it is on a rather small scale, the cathedral is attractive with a painted roof. It is also very light and airy.

The town of Chelmsford nestles between two rivers, the Chelmer and the Can, but the Chelmer gives the place its name - Chelmer's ford. The town has some good shops and a market, the highlight being the independent Chelmsford Star Coöperative Society Quadrant Department Store. There are pleasant riverside walks, and with beautiful weather, this was a good day out.

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