02 May, 2007

The interesting places on the way to Brighton?

A purposeful visit to the small towns glimpsed from the window of the train on the way to Brighton.

Haywards Heath is a little town that isn't near the railway, so it meant a decent walk up to the high street and St Wilfred's Church. Actually the double octagon Library also looked rather like a 1960s church, complete with two very short spires over two cone shaped copper domes. I didn't take a picture but there are pictures on the web.

The next point of interest was the muster green with flowers. The High Street begins with St Wilfreds church and the heath and has the usual array of small town shops.

Horley is in the Mole Valley in Surrey and here the town is built near the railway although the old church was too far away to walk. It's a bustling town with a Waitrose superstore.

The picture shows St Wilfred's Haywards Heath

These places are not quite as interesting as you think.

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