09 September, 2007

Twentieth Century churches of South London

A circular tour round some of the twentieth century churches south of the Thames.
Some were traditional in shape and others more radical. The best was St John's Peckham in Meeting House Lane. A truly beautiful church and dramatic setting for services.

The picture shows SS Philip and Mark, Avondale Square on a City Corporation Housing Estate on the Old Kent Road. Built in 1963 there are beautiful ceiling paintings although when I called after the service the incense was choking.

This is St John's Peckham, a very beautiful 20th Century church

This is St Katherines Eugenia Road

This is St Lukes Camberwell

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M.Bush said...

My Father-in-Law, Rev. David Bush, who designed St John's, Peckham in 1962-66 was very pleased to see your comment and thanks you for it. He was just wondering if you could correct the photo label name! He also wonders if you have seen Orpington Baptist Church (& St Matthew's Croydon), both of which he designed.