04 October, 2007

The Chapel Royal, St James Palace.

The Chapel Royal is actually not a place but the college of chaplains, officers and choristers who serve the Royal Household.

I was privileged to go yesterday to the installation of the new Sub-Dean of the Chapel Royal, by the Dean, at the chapel in St James's Palace. The Dean is the Bishop of London The Rt Rev'd and Rt Hon Richard Chartres DD. The Sub Dean also takes the office of sub almoner and Clerk of the Closet which are offices relating to charitable and personal work for the sovereign, and both the offices are held by bishops i.e almoner and keeper of the closet.

The Bishop preached on thankfulness and stated that being Christian always means we have someone to thank for the new day. He's obviously been reading his Chesterton, or perhaps doing a York Course. The new Sub Dean replied that he always tried to love his congregation. With my personal knowledge he will excel in that. There could really be no better person for the job, although of course he will never admit it.

Music for the service by Byrd with an introit by the current composer to the chapel. We had some good hymns mostly relating to love which the congregation and choir sang in a very uplifting manner.

After the installation there was a reception in the palace for the guests. Truly memorable.

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