01 March, 2008

Leyton and Walthamstow

A visit to Leyton to have a look at the 17th Century Church and Walthamstow to look at the Vestry House Museum and the village area.

Leyton Church is dedicated to St Mary and is allegedly haunted. I couldn't find a keyholder to check the facts but the inside looks a bit ordinary when glimpsed through the windows. The outside has a cupola on the tower that was salvaged from a house that was demolished in 1905.

Near the church is a group of old almshouses modernised in 1992.

Walthamstow has a 15th Century hall house in an ordinary suburban street, although near the former workhouse, now converted to a museum, a former school now a spiritualist church and the old church of the village, which looks as though it was 'restorred' in the 19th century.
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