01 April, 2008


Southgate is a suburb of London along the North west edge, near to the amusingly named Cockfosters. John Betjeman wrote about his experiences as a schoolteacher in Cat Hill and mourned the loss of rural innocence, as I did after being charged 79p for a bag of crisps!! Thieves. However I did notice what looked like a rather good Jewish restaurant there - lots of veal and weiner schnitzel - food of my childhood- yum yum! After you leave the suburban sprawl behind, you do come to a little village green albeit surrounded by stockbroker's tudor villas (see picture). In the words of the traditional Middlesex Estate Agents Song (trad: early 20th cent.)
Four posts round my bed
Oake Beames overhead
Olde Rugges on ye floor
What Stockebroker could aske for more!
(with apologies to Osbert Lancaster)

The area round the tube station at Southgate is a little more proletarian and becomes much more so when you get to Wood Green Shopping City.

There's not much there that's old, even the church is 19th century.

The other photograph shows the interior of one of the "moderne" piccadilly line stations, showing charachteristic uplighter.

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