12 July, 2008

Hoddesdon to Cheshunt on the Lee Navigation Towpath

A visit to Hoddesdon and Cheshunt in the lovely Lee valley. Getting off the train at Broxbourne, which I passed through on the New River path I went North to Hoddesdon, to find the high street turned into a vintage car rally. There were some interesting cars there including the only half timbered car ever made – the Morris Minor traveller. After a good look at the cars and the elderly band playing popular music of the 50s and 60s it was time to look at the shops and the rather uninteresting 19th century church. Hoddesdon had been divided between two parishes until the 19th century when it became a parish in its own right. Hence the red brick church that I couldn’t bring myself to photograph.

Rawdon House was built in 1622 but was surrounded by trees and hard to photograph. Classic Jacobean house with dutch gables and the coat of arms of Marmaduke Rawdon over the front door. Marmaduke Rawdon was an investor in the New River Company and had a fountain in his garden fed from a conduit, as did several other Hoddesdon houses. Most of these seem to have been removed. There is a sundial on the wall of Rawdon House.

Having escaped the cars and the rain I headed down to the station again to walk by the Lee Navigation.

Having escaped the cars and the rain I headed down to the station again to walk by the Lee Navigation. My intention was to have a 2 ¾ mile stroll to Cheshunt, although Cheshunt as it turned out is a long way from the Lee and its railway station.

Walking by the lee is pleasant and less boring than the New River as there are boats going up and down. There are locks, including a lock on an aqueduct which was interesting.

When I got to Cheshunt the station is located a long way from the main shopping area. The shopping area was dominated by a fountain which was in full play. There was a pleasant court of almshouses on Turners Hill and a typically Festival of Britain block of flats on the High Street

But despite walking up Church Lane I couldn’t find Cheshunt Church, which was a bit of a disappointment. All in all a good day out.

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