27 February, 2009


A visit to Nottingham, home of lace and er that's it really. There are two interesting churches that I visited in the town St Peter and St Mary, St Mary has a 500 year old porch and St Peter has a modern tryptich and workers window that was paid for by subscriptions from trade unions and workers organisations.
From Travels around London

From Travels around London

Nottingham is also home to the legend of Robin Hood who actually came from Wakefield. He gathered a band of outlaws about him when the Sherrif of Nottingham (the office still exists) would not give him maid Marion's hand in marriage. I think there's rather more to it than that as the Sherrif is responsible for the administrtion of justice including collecting debts. Nevertheless Robin Hood and his merry men camped out in Sherwood Forrest wearing lincolngreen they stole from a merchant.

From Travels around London

Hmm. Alas the legends are really just that. There's no record of Robin Hood or his band of merry men. It's probably just a pagan survival - green men, fairys etc., but it is a good story especially when you get to the redistributive robbery.

Nottingham has a castle and a fairly grand railway station. It has some interesting shops. I was only there for half a day so not much exploring done.

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