29 August, 2009

Ruxley apiary

A visit to the outer edges of Greater London to see an apiary in action.
Ruxley is almost as far away from London as you can get without being in Kent, and it is there that the Ruxley Beekeepers (the Association was founded in Eltham) have their club apiary. They meet on most Saturday afternoons and this Saturday the work to be carried out was treatment for the varroa destructor mite with thymol. Visitors were split into two groups - those who had never seen a beehive before and the more experienced. I was with the newbies who went of to have a look at one of the hives having donned a veil and tunic. The hive was an amazing colony with workers, and a queen and literally a hive of activity. It was fascinating to see the bees, who contrary to popular belief did not attempt to sting, not that they could sting me dressed up in the tunic and veil.

I couldn't taake pictures of the bees all veiled up and wanted to listen to the talk anyway but here is a picture of the apiary in its rural setting

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