10 April, 2010

Creepy Crawley - it wasn't though.

Another in my series on the New towns. Crawley, designated a new town in 1947 is in West Sussex and is unlike other new towns in that the town centre is built around the core of an old town with its 13th century church dedicated to St John the Baptist.

The main high street had a range of buildings dating from every period in history although it must be said they were mostly pubs!
The new town centre had a bandstand bought by the Development Corporation from Gatwick Racecourse. This provides a focal point - as you can see the day I was there was gorgeous!

Crawley is a bustling town although one curious feature is that shops have two street frontages, each on a street of importance and one can cut through the shops if one wishes.
The library is new and excellent. It was a good day out.

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