02 August, 2010

Hustler 2

An account of the voyage of the HUSTLER TWO, which set sail with a skipper and crew of one, from LUDHAM, in the County of NORFOLK on the SECOND day of AUGUST of this year of grace two thousand and TEN during which we were BECALMED, attacked by PYRATES, suffered a mop OVERBOARD, experienced TERROR and CONTENTMENT and returned to LUDHAM in the space of FIVE days.

Arriving at Ludhaam where we were to pick up our craft, Skip and I were helped by a kind gentleman who gave us a lift to the boatyard and saved our weary legs. We had slept in beds for the final time the night before. We looked around the boatyard and only the Hustler 2 was in. Unpacking our thihgs for the voyage was but the work of a moment then it was time to be taken to Womack water to raise sails. We had an uneventful and steady voyage down to Acle where we were due to take on board provisions. Duly stocking up at East of England Co-operative Society we then sought out the church. Acle church had an exhibition about church weddings and provided lunches, of which we ate heartily.
After returning to our vessel, skip and I tacked up the river to Thurne Mouth where we moored for the night. Our first night inside the mahogany and oak vessel which reminded me of being inside my wardrobe.

A night under a bit of canvas involved a good sleep in preparation for the following day...

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