21 January, 2011

Southport Merseyside, G*ds waiting room

I've been to Southport before but that was in pre-blog days at a conference in the Floral Hall. I think though that because of a high proportion of people the wrong side of seventy has led to a certain complacency amongst the traders of the town. One of the tea rooms was charging more than twelve pounds for afternoon tea - which is half the price of the Savoy. Second hand bookshops are also too wedded to their stock to want to part with it, refusing discount. That said, places of this nature usually have very good gardens as that is what the population are bothered about. On the inner outskirts of Southport is Hesketh Park, a pleasant spot that is being restored to its former victorian glory. There is a fountain and a lake currently being dredged and cleaned, a glasshouse and an observatory. All rather pleasant.

The sea front on the Irish sea is also rather far away from the town and the claim of the longest pier on the West Coast is probably true - especially as it seldom reaches the sea. Instead there are promenades and lakes inland for people to walk along and here is a misty shot of the lake and a bridge.

Southport is quite good for shopping although the charity shops are practically useless- everybody moves to Southport, (as did my host) and has already got rid of most of their stuff before they arrive, making for very slim pickings.

The Art Gallery was closed for refurbishment but I seem to recall it was quite good when I went last time. However I hope to see it again at some stage.

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