17 March, 2012


A visit to the Solihull countryside, cheers for a great weekend Phil!
This was a pleasant little walk down country lanes and by three non-Roman antiquities Berry Hall, Ravenshaw Hall and Bogay Hall. Unfortunately most of these were surrounded by high fences so what remailed of the non Roman antiquities I couldn't say! However there were some pools and gas test points including this rather splendid red bloom on the water, if petals or algae I don't know.

After passing Whale Tankers and wandering by the M42 for a brief period we came to the Grand Union Canal and walked up that towards the village of Catherine De Barnes, pausing only for a pint in the Boat Inn. Nothing we fancied there to eat so we went into Solihull and had dinner in the old manor house, a building that dates back to the 1400s.

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