30 October, 2012

Co-ops 2012 and Manchester

Come gather round O my droogs and devotchkas and come to baddiwad old Personchester where we can see an old biblio with a statue of a babooshka and two horrorshow expos! The Co-ops 2012 expo was held in Manchester. I turned up on the wrong day and nobody could blag me in as it wasn't open to the public. You can go now though. Instead I went into the John Rylands Library to see an exhibition about a clockwork orange although more to get out of the rain. The John Rylands Library was founded on textile fortunes and the company existed until 1971 when it was absorbed by Great Universal Stores. Ryland also won fame through the important tort of Ryland v Fletcher - the case of the flooded mine! The library that bears his name is a gothic monument to commerce and industry presided over by his octoroon wife no 3 who built and endowed the library. There are several exhibitions on a changing programme in the library and it was well worth a visit. I saw the exhibition about the Anthony Burgess book - a Clockwork Orange.

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