13 December, 2012

Horniman museum christmas

Hooligan crafts made out of rubbish and mulled wine laced with rum. A visit to the Horniman museum and Gardens to see their exhibition The adorned body, one of the london 2012 Stories of the World, and to take part in their Christmas Fair. The Christmas fair was busy and so was the museum on a cold but bright winters day. The mulled wine was very good but the crafts were the usual suspects. Everything recycled and not as good as factory made things. The Horiman museum was given to Londoners by a tea producer for their recreation, instruction and enjoyment as a free museum, and he adds the words 'for ever'. With care it should last that long. The collection is quite eclectic with anthropology, music and natural history coming to the fore. The torture chair is always a favourite of mine and if I take a visitor there I head for that. This time I was on my own so after the briefest glance at this terrible instrument I made for The Body Adorned. The exhibition was perhaps a bit too crowded. The Horniman really pitches itself to the pushchair and toddler market which all adds to the congestion. And what the mother was thinking about taking a picture of her child next to a video wall I don't know. Seems an odd thing to do. Nevertheless the exhibition was good and fun to go to with lots of video of people making fashion staatements. I think I need to go when it's quieter. The views over London from the gardens are spectacular. This is the Overhill Estate also known as Dawson Heights.

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