30 January, 2013

Chelmsford and Moulsham

Chelmsford Cathedral is the second smallest cathedral in the country - but they try harder. It's just a jumped up parish church really. They try harder with artworks too. When the organ was moved to the back of the nave, it exposed a blind window. They have now filled this with a tree of life showing Adam and Eve in T shirts with an A and an E on them. St Cedd makes aan appearance as do some butterflies and a rubbish tip with bin bags. The Cathedral authorities als provide interpretation boards to tell you what to think about such things: I prefer it when they leave things ambiguous. Who knows what it will mean in 500 years time, if Christianity survives that long. There is also some good 20th Century glass painting and church furnishing including a westmorland slate font and altar, with bronze and steel pulpits. Small doesn't necessarily mean mean. Not sure about this chap on the outside though. Is he holding a yale key? Chelmsford Museum is out at Moulsham and tells the story of Chelmsford with some interesting other collections including a working model beehive and stuffed animals. There is also a good numismatic collection although not particularly well displayed. It has been extended recently to include the museum of the Essex Regiment and there is a fine display of regimental silverware. The museum also reflects the town's former inductries with lots of knobs to twiddle to produce sine waves and tell you the difference between AC and DC. Cromptons Electric Lamps have a lamp standard outside the museum and Marconi industries make up the bulk of the displays in the new part of the museum. All in all an excellent local museum with a bit more to offer.

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