17 April, 2013

All aboard the Lady Daphne for Sea Change!

Lady Daphne is a Thames sailing barge moored at St Katherine's Dock, except when she is out on the spree. I was on board as the guest of the Mainelli family, in particular Professor Michael Mainelli to hear about Sea Change Sailing Trust They can put what they do much better than I can so here's their summary: Sea Change Sailing Trust provides residential opportunities for young people to learn and develop in a unique environment. By living and working together aboard a traditional sailing vessel they participate in a wide range of life skills and are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their contribution and group decisions. We offer a graduated set of programmes from entry level tasters to extended residential periods with accreditation. This all sounds very worthwhile. The young people learn sailing, co√∂peration and self discipline by doing a real job, carrying cargoes on the barges. They are trying to raise some money for a new barge to help more young people learn about sailing so if any of my readers have a spare £60000 lying around that they don't know what to do with, then Sea Change would be pleased to have it. Or even a spare £6. The evening was very pleasant and attended by the High Sheriff of Essex, Mrs Julia Abel Smith, and we enjoyed a rousing presentation by writer, broadcaster and sailor Tom Cunliffe. It was wonderful to see inside of an old wooden ship dating back to the 1920s, and I hope that Sea Change do raise the money they need.

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