06 May, 2013

Hampsfell Hospice, Grange over Sands.

There was something mysterious going on in Eggerslack Woods. Twice I tried to take a picture of my friend and twice the camera failed. A change of batteries was no help. We were walking from Grange to the Hampsfell Hospice, built by a vicar of Cartmel so that travellers could rest on their way over Hampsfell. I suppose it's really a tourist attraction. Notices inside give a plea in verse for observation of certain rules of conduct in the hospice, ending with 'Kind reader freely take your pleasure But do no mischief to my treasure' An answer is also made in verse asking for a handrail on the precarious stair. And it was precarious too!
The views from the top were fantastic right out to the Lake District and across Morecambe Bay.  All from a tiny stone tower built by a clergyman a long time ago.

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