02 August, 2013

Dangling above the Thames

A venture onto the ArabFly Dangleway as another London blogger puts it. After admiring the snazz uniforms of the guardians of the cablecar I paid my money and queued up for a short while to take a flight on the cablecar. After a family asked me to go in front so they could be together I actually stepped back to allow them to go ahead. But they weren't having any of thaat so I went ahead. I got a pod to myself, then some vulgar family muscled in on me! You'd think they would want a car to themselves as well - there was certainly no shortage. The doors closed and the flight began. The whole thing was surprisingly smooth if steep. Even when the car goes over the poles there is the most muted of vibration. However wind is rather a problem making the car shake. I have to admit that the steep climb and the height had a somewhat unnerving effect on me and it was with a profound sense of relief that I got out of the car and my boots touched the terra firma of the Royal Borough. The footaage I took was completely unusable.

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