29 March, 2014

Sydenham - respectable suburb.

Compelled to roam over the surface of the world by Die Blogenleser the wanderer Rechthardt came to the roof trees of Sydenham.  These houses are certainly made of the roof trees and look as though they have been there since just after the war, although they might be 1960s hippyish but not I suspect 1990s ecohomes.  

Entering the Sydenham Wells Park the wanderer learned from the Rheintöchter that when the London County Council laid out the park in 1900 they had laid out a watercourse in the shape of the Rhine as a tribute to the local German community.
Wandering down the Rhine with the maidens and and dwarves sporting in the summery meadows and basketball courts and no doubt getting into some power dramas over gold the wanderer came to a fountain - a large boulder but it was switched off.  Oh for a Moses or the action of Psalm 105 41
By now the wanderer's feet were aching due to new boots and the staff wasn't holding up so well either so this called for a new direction.  

In this place there were strange beasts, possibly one of them was Fafner and it looked as though a smith had been active with the railings.  And so the wanderer awaits a Siegfried to slay the terrible beasts lurking in the undergrowth and pools.

Driven by hunger from the open country the wanderer  came to the town of WestwaldHügel but the inhabitants did not look kindly on the wanderers request for a smoked salmon sandwich and they did not have it.  And so the wanderer returned to the wanderer's dwelling but did not go into the tavern because a football match was in progress.

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