05 May, 2014

Mill Hill

On one side of the Ridgeway all is suburban, on the other can be seen the unspoilt countryside of what was Hertfordshire - or you could if somebody hadn't put up a six foot fence! Still Mill Hill village is pretty although the Broadway isn't. There are some old almshouses of 1696 overlooking a duck pond and another sheep wash pond, really just leftover gravel workings. There are some cottages, a former Quaker meeting House and of course there is Mill Hill School. Founded for protestant dissenters it is now open to all who can afford the fees. The buildings designed by William Tite and the gate of honour is in memory of the former students fallen in World War one. The church was built by William Wilberforce and is fairly plain. Not open when I called it has some interesting glass according to Arthur Mee. There are no pictures but St Joseph's missionary college and its associated convents etc (a very Roman Catholic area this in spite of the school) seem to be being turned into luxury flats.

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