20 September, 2014

Camberley and Bagshot

It took more than two hours to travel the 29 miles between London and Camberley.  I really do need my own wheels!

I was just in time for lunch so had a chicken pie in the Surrey Arms.  The chicken pie challenge rules were not quite complete as the chicken pie was described on the menu as 'open' so really chicken cobbler with a puff pastry crust in a blue cheese and bacon sauce.   The Blue cheese and bacon sauce made it delicious but the crowning moment was that the chicken was a whole breast and perhaps a little bit more so gets a good 4 stars in the challenge.

The Surrey Heath Museum is small but interesting with helpful staff.  A basic chronological account of Surrey Heath.

There is a large Army staff college in the town and the junior officers (perhaps the heirs to Miss J Hunter-Dunn's subaltern) were walking around the town in blazers and ties.  A lot of others seemed to be military staff too.

Bagshot was closed when I called but is home to the Earl and Countess of Wessex at Bagshot Park.  I like to think that if they run out of something they pop down to the village co-operative store.  I'm sure they would always get their dividend!

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