30 October, 2005

At the still point there the dance is: A productive Sunday

Today was a good day! I had a walk from home to the Thames Barrier taking some photos on the way- in all I got through two rolls of film which is a tribute to the interesting, although not conventionally beautiful riverside path.
There is a sculpture at greenwich penninsula called Slice of Reality which is a slice taken from a ship and mounted in the water. Worth a look - in fact here is a picture.
slice of reality Posted by Picasa
The Milennium Dome, which still looks rather sad and forlorn (demolish it now or do something useful with it) still has some of its attributes and I am pleased that the reed beds planted 5 yrears ago still appear to be flourishing, although they have not spread as was envisaged, and the abandoned wharves do not seem to have been colonised by wildlife as was also planned.

After the Milennium Dome, I met one of the members of South London coöp committee who was out for a walk with her husband.

The Greenwich Yacht Club is an unusual building which stands in the river.

The Thames Barrier is quite a sight to see and there is a diagram of the Thames from source to sea engraved on the concrete wall of a tunnel there.

Late in the afternoon I went to the culmination of Reap, a year long project by Cafe Gallery Projects that had been taking place in Southwark Park. A clock had been counting down the seconds over the year and it was about to end. As the clock reached zero it blew up with a puff of red smoke and set off fireworks with some very loud bangs! Eventually the smoke set off the gallery's fire alarm but there were no major problems. Afterwards there was a tour of 'the secret garden' in Southwark Park, where someone had lived, unbeknownst to the park staff, run a shebeen and bred animals. As part of Reap this secret garden had been hung with 365 dresses from Jason Perry style to ordinary day dresses. This gave the garden a spooky feel as did the workshop, aviaries and other built spaces. Other installations had been done there.

At the end of the day there was an end of Reap event in the Dilston Grove church (a derelict church at the corner of the park) where artist z'ev played music on some pieces of found metal while a lighting installation went on outside. The quote above was made in glow sticks attatched to baloons. People at the event released these into the night. I had the second 'the'!

Bramble wine and really participative arts events.

A very good day

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