24 July, 2006

Brighton - Britain's San Francisco

A pleasant weekend in Brighton thanks to Mike and Ken for letting me stay at their flat.

Brighton is a regency town with houses covered in 'mathematical' tiles or painted in various jolly colours. These are a reminder of San Francisco.

Brighton- England's San Francisco Posted by Picasa
I went down on Friday night and had a walk to Preston Park to photograph the rock gardens. It didn't really happen as the coloured lights have been replaced with white ones.

Brighton was also where George Jacob Holyoake the coöperative missionary spent his last days until 1906 and a plaque erected by the Brighton Coöperative Society shows the house he lived in until his death.
Where G J Holyoake lived in Brighton Posted by Picasa

The main purpose of going was to visit coöperative stores in the West Sussex area including Bognor Regis and Arundel. Some fine stores there but you'll have to see the other blog for that!!

I went straight from Brighton to Birmingham but that's another post.

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