28 July, 2006

A visit to Birmingham University

I visited Birmingham University for a week to do a Coöpeartive College Summer School for my diploma in Coöperative Studies. This is quite important as if I don’t do this I’m off the committee. Birmingham is the original red brick university and grew out of Mason College. Joseph Chamberlain the Birmingham politician was its first chancellor: he had to be as he raised half a million pounds for its construction. The clocktower pictured here is his memorial.
Old Joe- the University Clock tower 325 ft high! Posted by Picasa
I did not neglect the finer things of life and visited Edgbaston Old Church, heavily restored in the Victorian Era but with no expense spared as it was and still is the posh end of Birmingham. The peace memorial is rather obviously added to, to accommodate the second world war, but has enamelled regimental badges. The freemasons seem to be prominent in its congregations with a few Masonic memorials. (Why did my computer just correct that word to a capital letter – is it a conspiracy?)

I also visited a friend there – hope you’re feeling better Phil.

The University has an art gallery with many good pictures which I and other coöp people enjoyed. The final picture shows this.

Barber Art Gallery Posted by Picasa

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