24 June, 2007

Bracing Brighton

Another visit to Brighton, this time for the Coöperative Congress, the large meeting of Coöperative societies that predates the Pioneers. Alan Gill, good County Durham man made history as the last president of Congress and Peter Marks the Chief Executive Designate of the United Coöperative Group made a keynote speech setting out his vision and telling us all that he would know a coöperative principle if it slapped him in the face. However you will no doubt be able to read the congress reports in the Coöperative news if you are so inclined. Friday and Saturday gave good weather but Sunday was wet and I got soaked just going to the Metropole where congress was held (see illustration). Round the back of the Metropole is the little French Church (although it is really the services that are in French). I had a little walk on the pier but really the purpose of the visit was Congress.

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