10 June, 2007


Hertford is the County Town of Hertfordshire but it's still a small market town at the confluence of the Lee, the River Beane, the River Mimram and the river Rib. The New River also rises nearby. Hertford is delightful with quaint streets, a half-timbered library and an old castle. The peace memorial has a bronze hart on top of it. Outside the library there is a drinking fountain (which doesn't work due to municipal meanness) made from the windows of a 13th century church. There are also half timbered buildings although many of these bear their original pargeting. The curious egyptian style house (see illustration) is located just off the market place near Shire Hall.

After lunch Mark and I went into the 1895 church of All Saints which was having a music marathon. We watched a good looking alto who sang stuff from Peter Warlock, Handel Scarlatti and others. I wasn't really in a concert mood but it was quite enjoyable. Then it was time to go home after a balanced day out.

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