24 July, 2009

London E3

Fooled you - this post is not about Bow, it is rather the route of the E3 'bus as it wids its way through the Borough of Ealing from Greenford to Acton where I got off in the middle of a very violent electrical storm where I got soaked to the skin.
Don't confuse Greenford with where the tube sation bearing that name is. The tube station bit is all rather industrial, but the centre of the suburb is quite pleasant with shops(including charity shops) including one very disorganised one in support of dementia. The library was a refurbished building of 1934 and sat next to the Police station and clinic in a little civic group with Greenford Hall (four rooms available for almost any function). Ravenor park was green with a play area and not much else although it was home to the London Motorcycle museum closed when I called, although Diamond Geezer calls it a gem.

Enough already! Time to get the E3 to Greenford Avenue for the photo that appears on the other blog and walk through the dignified housing estate perhaps called castlebar park. On to Hanwell with its unrefurbished Carnegie library dating from 1906.
There was even a picture of Andrew Carnegie in there but it looked as though refurbishment was needed. Hanwell had a curious clock surrounded by workmens barriers
and was home to both the Westminster City and the Kensington Cemeteries. The Westminster cemetery was brash and austentatious as befits a cemetery serving both Soho and theatreland (one and the same really) and the Kensington cemetery was much more discreet as befits a cemetery serving royalty.

I took my lunch in the KFC in West Ealing and walked to Northfields
with a park called Lamass Park and an unusual and early cinema converted to an Elim Pentecostal Church. It was here that the heavens opened and hail, lightning and thunder ended my journey soaked to the skin.

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