26 July, 2009

Morden to Crystal Palace

Morden is the terminus of the northern line and the begining of the st Hellier Estate named after Lady St Hellier, of the London County Council, not the capital of Jersey. It's a large interwar cottage estate with fairly generous cottages and flats, mostly privatised. There's a big co-op at Rose Hill.
The other end of St Hellier is Carshlton Village. It's much posher here and they go rather a bundle on Anne Boleyn whose family were the local nobs. There is a well next to the church (All Saints) called Anne Boleyn's well but it is dry and completely obscured with planting. It is said that where here horse kicked, a spring welled up. A plaque states that this is unlikely and it is probably more likely to be Bullen's Well, after the Lord of the Manor.

Beyond Carshalton (allegedly pronounced case horton although I don't know anybody who does) is Croydon. It's easy to be sniffy about Croydon but the library is good with bound copies of Punch from first to last and other bound journals, like The Builder from the twenties and thirties. My goal was shopping which was frustrating.
Journeys end was the Crystal Palace, Norwood, via anerley.

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