31 October, 2009

Bexhill and Eastbourne

A wet saturday in Bexhill and Eastbourne. Bexhill on Sea is the UK's charity shop capital and doesn't have much else going for it. There is, however the De La Warr Pavilion, a socialist pleasure palace by the sea. This is a splendid example of modernist architecture which seems to have been quite well restored.

Nothing much happening in it and the roof deck was closed at the top but was open at the first floor. There were two architecture exhibitions.

After that I went on to the Bexhill museum a small museum with big ideas. I got in for nothing but the admission was not cheap. There were racing cars as Bexhill was where British motorsport began, as the Earl De La Warr had a private road along the seafront.

Afterwards I had a walk up to Old Bexhill and a look round the church, as well as the demolished old manor house with a fireplace in the park.
From Travels around London

Having failed to obtain lunch in the pub in old Bexhill (the landlord gave the excuse that he was making food for tomorrow - why couldn't he make the food for today yesterday? - that's what I wonder) I left Bexhill and went to Eastbourne to hava a walk down to the front and on to the pier. Eastbourne Pier was described as the Palace Pier and had signs saying 'welcome to Brighton' but I suspect that was for filming purposes.
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I went into the restaurant (food served all day) and ordered a steak pie and chips. Unfortunately this was off and there was nothing else I fancied. A sign said no jumping off the pier but I suppose the last person who did had failed to have lunch.
From Travels around London

After another look round the shops I eventuaally had a late lunch complete with knickerbocker glory.
From Travels around London

Then it was time to go home after a good if wet day out.

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