01 October, 2009

Luton Beds

Luton is not a place to inspire one. The home of CWS Lutona cocoa and chocolate, the straw hat industry and lately the the Luton Bedford Van. Even though the inhabitants burnt down the Town Hall in 1919 - yes 1919 - it's not marvelous.
So Town Hall Riots: a penny pinching council had a peace celebration. Unfortunately the banquet was for councillors only with no ex servicemens organisations or others involved in the war effort. No wonder they rioted. The town clerk - in a despearte attempt to avoid blame, blamed drunkennes. I suppose he might have been drunk.

The church is interesting - charismatic and lively in a meadieval building with this curious baptistry standing 20 ft high!

The beautiful magnificat window is a fine example of stained glass art.

At Stockwood park with a very fine carriage collection there is a sculpture garden. All the sculptures are unlabelled and allowed to be come upon by chance in the garden. The picture shows one of the finest of these.

From Travels around London

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