16 January, 2010

Caterham where Environmental Health is powerless

Just been for a day out in Caterham - the end of the line. As it is a terminus this means that the town has retained its largely Victorian layout throughout the twentieth century. A visit in the rain probably doesn't show the town at its best, but I managed to obtain a picture of the town's first streetlight with the church behind it.

I visited the museum and was shown around one of the rooms by one of the wolunteers who burst into song at one point. The museum was better than the one at Twickenham as it had a lot more artefacts and was in fact a museum of waterclosets with a display of wash down pans, washout pans chains and paper. Interesting though.

I didn't venture up the hill to caterham on the hill and stayed in the valley.

Catering in caterham left a lot to be desired. I went into the KFC who were big on recycling. The restaurant recycled a piece of chicken that had been handed back by someone else into my burger! I thought this was shocking and I will certainly think twice about ever eating in KFC again.

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