06 February, 2010

Daventry and Stoke Bruerne

Daventry is a market town in Northants right in the middle of hunting country, there is a memorial to a member of a hunt committee in the high street. Lots of local shops and cafes with very few chains. I have to say that the cafe I went into with my friend was chaotic and they forgot our order.
The church was nice but no real time to look round as so much time wasted waiting for food that never arrived.

Daventry should be pronounced Danetre but nobady does thanks to the BBC who have a transmitter there, who pronounced it as it is written.

After Danetre went to Stoke Bruerne to see the National Inland Waterways museum, with canal boats. It was very nice with lots of canal impedimenta painted with roses and castles and parts of the hard life of a boatman.

We went for a walk up the canal to the Blisworth Tunnel which is just under two miles long.

We went for a walk over the top but stopped short of finding the end at that distance.

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