17 July, 2011

Llanthony Priory and Newport

A visit to Wales in the fantastic company of Bud and Keith - cheers for a great time guys!

Llanthony priory is located in a very peaceful spot in the black mountains, so peaceful I nodded off to sleep for a few minutes. The priory church was completed around 1280 and ruined in the 18th century, to leave a charming spot for us to enjoy.

Newport is a little town with a good art gallery and museum - the collections looked pretty good for the size of the place with a good selection of periods and styles. I didn't have time in Newport to see the Cathedral, or the Castle but did take a picture of one of its oldest buildings - the murrenger's house.  A murrenger is an official charged with keeping a city wall in repair.
Newport also, like Middlesbrough, has a transporter bridge.

Newport is probably worth coming back to...

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