09 September, 2011

Silverdale - the loveliest spot on Morcambe bay.

The weather was unkind when starting out but the rain didn't put us off. Silverdale is just over the border from Cumbria in Lancashire, and although we couldn't see very far into the distance we were able to see Morcambe bay. The Church of St John had some beautiful modern stained glass, which my camera fails to do justice to. Stained glass should be so easy to photograph but digicams have difficulty for some reason.

The church has capitals carved with biblical scenes in the spirit of the 14th century.
After a short walk across 'the lots' with its views of Morcambe Bay we went to a cafe for tea. As the sun had come out we decided to walk to Arnside, past the Leeds Children's Holiday Camp, founded in 1904 to enable poor children from Leeds to have a week's holiday in the fresh air with good food. A role still fulfilled today.

It was a very long way to get to Arnside, which was shown as being three miles, but was more than that. We didn't see the ancient monument at Far Arnside but has a lovely walk through the woods and along the coast to pleasant Arnside, a village alongside Morcambe bay.

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