04 September, 2011

Convalescence in Barrow - Piel Island and the Barrow Lifeboat

I have been quite seriously ill and am slowly recovering. After Church at St John's Barrow Island, an interesting concrete church of the 1930s, it was such a lovely day, beloved and I went to Piel Island. Piel Island was a Meadieval stronghold for the Abbots of Furness with the castle built about1200. The best way to access the island is by walking over the sands from Walney Island (this depends on the tide), however beloved and I decided to take the ferry. The ferry is a small boat completely exposed to the elements and driven very fast by a (hopefully) experienced ferryman. I found it difficult to get out but the ferryman was helpful. The castle was in ruins and some bits had fallen into the sea on to the shingle shore. but was mostly intact even if you couldn't get indide the keep. There is quite a bit of the keep left and a ruined chapel, although greatly ruined. After refreshment provided by the King of Piel Island - in reality the landlord of the pub - he's king because he's the only person who lives there all the year round. After a hairy ferry crossing back we went to see the Barrow lifeboat - a real ocean going craft. It was last launched on 28 August to rescue a yacht.

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