30 July, 2012

The House of Switzerland - one of the London 2012 Olympic Houses

The London 2012 Olympic Games is finally here.  I have been known to be somewhat curmudgeonly about them but now they are here I am excited.  One source of excitement is the national cultural house that are springing up around London to showcase the nation to London and the world.  I am visiting a different cultural house on different days of the week and sampling the best they have to offer.  I'm not going to rate them because they all should be (and will be) five star, but I'm going to offer an assessment of the atmosphere and what's on there.  If they have a weblink I'll provide it.

So the House of Switzerland is located in The Glazier's Hall and Southwark Cathedral precincts.  the Glazier's hall has an exhibition of posters, a restaurant which looks really nice (there's also another restaurant underneath London Bridge) and a room showcasing Swiss computer games.  Now that's an industry that I didn't know that Switzerland had.  I had a go at Magnetics but I don't think I understood it.  Very state of the art facilities though.  And then I thought that was it, but outside there was more.  There was a climbing wall and I had a go but didn't get very far.   Perhaps I wouldn't make a very good tourist in Switzerland.  There was also a shop where you could buy Swiss team things but they had no badges so I made do with a little Swiss flag pin.

After my abortive climb I had a look at the Victorinox stand, the people who make the famous Swiss Army Knife.  Each knife apparently uses the same energy as making a piece of toast!  I was very impressed by the efficiency of the place - truly a model for industry.

Time to sample some Swiss food and beer.  Although not cheap the bratwurst (veal sausage) and pint I had were delicious and all consumed in the atmosphere of a biergarten 
amongst german speaking Swiss people which made the experience all the better.  I watched some of the games in German on Swiss Television and the evening entertainment was Swiss short films and cartoons, although alas no subtitles.

The verdict:
Would I come back? Definitely
Five Swiss chocolates!

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