02 August, 2012

House of Austria - one of the London 2012 Olympic Houses

The Austrian House is located in the wonderful Trinity House on Tower Hill.  There was a lot of tourism stuff and a bread exhibition with different breads to taste, including a sports active bread that the person on duty assured me had lots of grains to ensure a good output.  "It won't make you better at sport" she said, but I know that nothing will anyway.

The food was nice - saurkraut and a big sausage served with bread by pleasant catering staff in lederhosen and red gingham shirts. V nice.  Also beer by the pint, half pint and 1l stein (£5 deposit)

The verdict:
Would I come back? Yes (and I did for a beer in the evening - although alas not out of a stein)
 5 Sports Active Loaves

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