13 September, 2012

Preston Guild

They say that in the North West of England the phrase 'once in a Preston guild' is the same as saying 'once in a blue moon for the rest of us.  I don't know if that is true as I come from a more easterly part of the country.  However I can say that Preston guild comes round every twenty years and the extraordinary summer of 2012 is a Preston Guild year. 

Me and my beloved enjoyed the vintage weekend and the food festival. We also enjoyed seeing the Human League and Blancmange in concert.  I watched the parade of guildspeople as they processed into the charter theatre on the Monday morning together with a civic procession involving mace bearers or halberdiers, and I think a silver oar made an appearance in the procession.  I didn't have a programme but there may have been pensioners from the almshouses in green robes.  There was certainly a brass band.

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