31 May, 2006

Banbury- Oxfordshire Market town.

A visit to Banbury- but I didn't ride a cock horse to get there- more like a chiltern train.

A fine lady on a white Horse- Banbury Posted by Picasa

This is a rather nice market town in North Oxfordshire with a pretty market square and a pleasant (if small) museum although rather spoilt by the member of staff who admonished me at considerable length that no photography was permitted in the museum! The museum contained the acid embossed glass from the former Banbury Industrial Coöperative Society door so that was good- but I can't give you a photo of it.

The locals obviously don't eat after 3 as this is when all the public houses stop serving food and only a few serve after 5. Not very adventurous then. There was a curious church with a pepper pot spire and of course the famous cross which was erected only in Victorian times as the reformers pulled the old one down as a relic of superstition- perhaps it was! Banbury was a roundhead stronghold in the civil war and it seems to be pleasant if dull. It was a good day out and I didn't have to wait longer than 5 minutes for trains that day either.

Black and white house Banbury Market place Posted by Picasa

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