09 May, 2006

Bournemouth and Boscombe - Health Resort?

I made a day trip to Bournemouth, which always reminds me of Scarborough. Bournemouth is celebrating 100 years either this year or last year and it has always been a planned town with the gardens running down to the sea front complete with pines which seem to indicate that the resort was aimed at tuberculous patients – of a refined sort of course. You have to pay to go on the pier (6d probably) so I didn’t take up that pleasure but went in the Russell Coates Museum (admission free). This museum is in the former home of an ex mayor of Bournemouth (Mr Russell Coates) and is being restored by the Bournemouth Council to house the Russell Coates Collection and other things. The house itself is interesting with its insights into late Victorian interior design. The fireplace in the study had a monogram on the tiles – MRC – which could stand for Metropolitan Railway Company! It’s a nice museum though and feels quite pleasant as you walk around.

After this I walked along the cliffs to Boscombe where the picture was taken. It was a beautiful sunny day and the gorse was in bloom. Then I went on to Pokesdown where I got the train back.

The picture shows beach huts under the cliff with gorse behind.

Beach huts and gorse - Boscome Posted by Picasa

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